Author: habaneroria

Vision board 2

IMG_4797Vision board
1. Become fit
2. Travel the world
3. Cook my man some food
4. Get married
5. Have lots of babies
6. Make lots of money while working less hours
7. Have a huge house with pond
8. Have lots of friends
9. Build a big clinic
10. Be a good wife
11. Be a good daughter
12. Earn billions and billions
13. Bring together the community



IMG_4799The sunset
The sun was dancing but no one wanted to play. She shined her light bright toward everyone and everyone enjoyed the light but no one played with her. Every evening she would go away alone but every morning she came back with new found hope. Hope that maybe today she would find a friend and someone would dance with her.


The flowers bloomed this morning. They had not a care in the world. They stayed to themselves mostly. Their petals were pink and purple and the slightest rub would injure them. They would sing every morning and tell the world about how they were. The bees and butterflies would flock to them day after day. One day the petals fell and the flower slowly withered away. Nonetheless, the ground knew another season would bring another set of blooming flowers that would dance the night away.


Lead me to nirvana
The holy land of happiness
Where no self doubt exists
And no obstacles hold us back
To a place where I can hear my thoughts
A place where I can feel again
Instead of numbing the experience
If happiness is a state of mind
I want that state
How do I get that state?
I want to be happy
Yet my heart weeps
For what reason I don’t know


IMG_4347The Peacock
The peacock looked at her beautiful feathers. She could not stop looking. She was so pretty and never stopped to say hello to any other animals. Because she didn’t talk to anyone, she never got to go to any parties. Peacock cried and cried. One day a wolf saw the peacock crying and asked what’s wrong. Peacock said I have no friends. The wolf said, ” dear peacock, you are so beautiful but have you talked to anyone ever?” Peacock said no and said ” well no one talks to me.” The wolf then said to peacock, ” it is my birthday today and I would like to invite you to my party.” Peacock was so excited. Peacock went to the wolf’s party and no other animals talked to peacock. Peacock was sad and sat alone near the lake. The wolf came over and they laughed the night away. The peacock did not need the whole animal kingdom she just needed the wolf.