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The flowers bloomed this morning. They had not a care in the world. They stayed to themselves mostly. Their petals were pink and purple and the slightest rub would injure them. They would sing every morning and tell the world about how they were. The bees and butterflies would flock to them day after day. One day the petals fell and the flower slowly withered away. Nonetheless, the ground knew another season would bring another set of blooming flowers that would dance the night away.


Healer needs healing

IMG_4121.JPGSometimes the healer needs healing
Broken shattered and torn
The world demand healers to be superhuman
As if we should not have any human tendencies at all
Disappointment after disappointment we face
Yet we wear a smile and humanity that nothing can shake
But when everyone is sleeping
We stay awake
Mend our wounds while we read our books
Because the knowledge never stops and learning is relentless
But the healer must heal herself before healing the world before her