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Vision board 2

IMG_4797Vision board
1. Become fit
2. Travel the world
3. Cook my man some food
4. Get married
5. Have lots of babies
6. Make lots of money while working less hours
7. Have a huge house with pond
8. Have lots of friends
9. Build a big clinic
10. Be a good wife
11. Be a good daughter
12. Earn billions and billions
13. Bring together the community



IMG_4799The sunset
The sun was dancing but no one wanted to play. She shined her light bright toward everyone and everyone enjoyed the light but no one played with her. Every evening she would go away alone but every morning she came back with new found hope. Hope that maybe today she would find a friend and someone would dance with her.


The flowers bloomed this morning. They had not a care in the world. They stayed to themselves mostly. Their petals were pink and purple and the slightest rub would injure them. They would sing every morning and tell the world about how they were. The bees and butterflies would flock to them day after day. One day the petals fell and the flower slowly withered away. Nonetheless, the ground knew another season would bring another set of blooming flowers that would dance the night away.

Great expectations

IMG_3527Broken to pieces Shattered in the ground
My expectations of reality Falling short and behind
On a fairytale life I have led my false hopes up
Never stops this brain
Too stupid to internalize that what’s outside isn’t what’s inside
So yearning of superficiality of the engagement ring the wedding the abs that I am missing my life
Some would argue that healers have the best job But people forget that healers are people too with feeling and emotions Healers make mistakes.
Caught in a world I can’t be myself
Trying to fit into a world that isn’t me
So in my head that I can’t see out
So engrossed in my thoughts I can’t get out
Sleep is near and dear and it’s womb provides reprieve I shall wake up tomorrow and fight these battles another day