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IMG_4799The sunset
The sun was dancing but no one wanted to play. She shined her light bright toward everyone and everyone enjoyed the light but no one played with her. Every evening she would go away alone but every morning she came back with new found hope. Hope that maybe today she would find a friend and someone would dance with her.



IMG_4356Failure is real Sometimes we fail
Sometimes we don’t get the outcome we want
Good people lose Bad people thrive
Perhaps some of us didn’t work hard enough
Took things for granted But there will always be tomorrow
The human nature is resilient
So come what may I will move forward
If a woman who has fought all her life to be president lost today and she spoke with such poise and elegance
There is nothing women today cannot endure
We may not have yet broke the glass ceiling but it doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying
My soul my heart my very being is sad today
But I also know tomorrow will be better
Women are mothers sisters daughters
They are also doctors engineers politicians
In a world of no it’s empowering to be a woman because I get to prove everyday that I am stronger smarter better I work harder and keep on fighting
The benefit of being on bottom is you appreciate the fight the humility needed to win and you keep moving forward

Healer needs healing

IMG_4121.JPGSometimes the healer needs healing
Broken shattered and torn
The world demand healers to be superhuman
As if we should not have any human tendencies at all
Disappointment after disappointment we face
Yet we wear a smile and humanity that nothing can shake
But when everyone is sleeping
We stay awake
Mend our wounds while we read our books
Because the knowledge never stops and learning is relentless
But the healer must heal herself before healing the world before her