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Square peg in a round hole

IMG_4347.JPGSometimes in medicine, I have always get like a square peg in a round hole. Like something doesn’t quite fit but I make it work. For some, I feel like the medical stuff just comes naturally but for me it’s a craft that I constantly need to work on. My favorite part of it all is the babies. No matter how busy my clinic gets or how crazy nights are, seeing a baby here and there really brightens my day. The other thing I do love about my job is the powerful relationships I get to witness. There are few people in the world that are able to see this type of vulnerability in people. The joy of family medicine is the breadth of what one gets to see. My day can start from delivering a baby to doing a joint injection in the morning and then going to nursing home in the afternoon. It is a field that I find extremely challenging but also rewarding. However I have a confession. Sometimes I wonder if I should have done internal medicine. Internal medicine would have allowed me to specialize in intensive care/ cardiology/other fields. Perhaps this statement is partially money driven because the specialists do get paid more. Then I realize that would mean I would have not gotten a chance to deliver any babies.